The site is back up after some behind the scenes maintence was done. We'll continue to add some new sections and change some old ones.


We're playing in a third session at Lost Nation, you can see info on it at the new Lost Nation website.


Check out the new Lost Nation Schedule, along with the new player Cards in the player section.


There is a new site for Lost Nation results, that will actually get updated! Yeah, it's Igor doing more stuff to help you.


The supposedly final schedule for Lost Nation is up. Our first game was a practice, and thus didn't count. So, we'll see how this all goes since we have a sort of kinda full team, I think.


The banquet was a rousing success this year, everyone seemed to have a good time. Check out all the results over here, along with photos of the event.


The banquet is this Saturday, check here for details. You can also look at the results of last year's awards here. Once again, we've added more stuff for this year so it should be a lot more fun.


This coming Saturday, March 1st, will be the last week of hockey at Austinburg for the forseable future. They're shuttin us down so we'll star the Whaler caravan back up and look for someplace else to play.


This coming Sunday is the Otters game, we'll be meeting at the McDonald's on 44, before 4pm, if you need help driving to the arena. (directions also here)
The actual banquet itself looks like it is being pushed back until Saturday March 22nd, in the eveing after hockey. More then likely it will be at Donato's again.


The banquet tickets have been bought and voting is closed out. The final announcement on the venue for the banquet itself will be coming shortly. We are also looking at another Whalers night out at the Monsters game in keep your calendars clear.


The first Whalers night with the Monsters was a resounding success, look for another one in the future.


If you didn't notice there is now a links section on menu on the right side of each page, check it out. Also Igor has updated the Captain's Corner with some info on upcoming hockey.


We're all done with the 2nd session of Lost Nation, and done with Lost Nation for the year. That means all Whaler action will be at the Austinburg rink or in Perry.


New info on the Scheduling page for the upcoming Lost Nation session, complete with scores.


Whalers Press Release on breaking news


Our very successful 2007 Whalers Awards banquet just finished up, check out the results here.


More pics from Austinburg are up. Again, not the greatest, but it lets you see some action at least.


We have some new pics and a video up from Austinburg. I know they're not that great, but come on I was actually playing too ya know.


Starting October 14th we will be playing every Saturday at an indoor rink in Austinburg, OH. You can get details here.


Some pictures from our Lost Nation session have been added to the photo section.


Some Pics from our time at Lost Nation have been added to the photo section. Thanks to Jonny's folks for those. Hopefully there will be more to come.


The videos from CHS have been all added, along with the rest of the interesting photos.


The site is up and running. Please let us know what you think using the E-mail us link on the left.