The site is back up after some behind the scenes maintence was done. We'll continue to add some new sections and change some old ones.


We're playing in a third session at Lost Nation, you can see info on it at the new Lost Nation website.


Check out the new Lost Nation Schedule, along with the new player Cards in the player section.

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We have a new URL, you can now access this site using

In case you missed them, you can check out the Whalers 2006 X-Mas card, 2007 Valentine and the super-awesome splash page.

Thanks to the Captain I found out that stupid mother-#!$%@! IE doesn't allow Flickr slideshows to work like they should. So go check out the photo pages again with IE friendly links, then go download and use Firefox.

Make sure to check out our message boards. You can tell us why we should let you play against us, when we'll see you, or how dumb Igor looks in our pictures.